Web analytics are essential tools for the internet webmaster. In fact, they collect, measure and analyze the data from your website to maximize the profits of the latter.

Who comes to your internet website? How did it they arrive at your internet site? What pages did they visit ? How long did they remain on your internet site? What country are they from? These questions are all answered by the web analytics.

These web analytics, key performance indicators, are also real tools for strategic decision making that allow you to adjust your web positioning at the cost of the customer acquisition or better yet, your conversion rate.

X2X MEDIA TORONTO and internet web analytics

Effective treatment and purpose of internet web analytics is inevitably painstaking work for a web analyst and the technical team. The first will be able to assess the gap between your strategic positioning and your internet support, while the second will make the necessary technological adjustments.

Working closely in monitoring your web analytics, you will see improvements unequivocal to your internet profits.

Our internet marketing consultants are the most valuable of our company through their unwavering commitment to each of our clients and their ongoing effort to create a real value to each of the services they provide.

Client Testimonial

“Finally! Monthly detailed data I can trust and use to plan my next move. I walk into every meeting feeling like a star.”

- Terence Williams

IT Analyst

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