X2X Media has developed for you solutions through unique social media optimization (SMO).

Social Media Optimization (SMO), what is it?

This is a new discipline essential for optimizing strategies of Web 2.0. SMO allows anyone to publish and share content and user experiences on the internet web, whether photos, videos, text, tags .The social media optimization (SMO) also takes into account the collaborative directories (Dmoz), encyclopedias (Wikipedia), custom interfaces (webmag) or social networks (6nergies). To learn more about social media optimization (SMO), we invite you to click on the following link:

Social media optimization (SMO), Why X2X Media?

The collaborative expertise of X2X Media on social media optimization (SMO) has allowed us to develop a quality charter. It is divided into five main categories and its highlights the relevance and consistency of our approach.

  • What to share? (what information, what media)
  • Whom to share it with? (what services, what network, what communities)
  • How to share? (what are the resources, tools, processes implemented)
  • When to share? (what is the schedule)
  • Why share? (what are the objectives)

Social media optimization (SMO), offered by X2X Media?

Our teams of experts have developed Web 2.0 for you in order to meet all your needs.

  • Writing internet web content optimized for websites and blogs
  • Distribution of content via the most busy of social media
  • Integration of tools for analyzing and measuring our campaigns social media optimization
  • Development of creative strategies for optimizing social media (SMO)
  • Training in social media optimization (SMO)

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