X2X Media offers clients expertise in PPC, which, if it is used in addition to organic reference (SEO) solutions, indexing and optimizing social media generates significant benefits in reaching a targeted audience directly.

Profitable Positioning, what is it?

Profitable Positioning (SEM), is a mechanism for purchase of keywords or key phrases that displays a site in the top results of a search engine. Many internet search tools such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask offer this positioning service fee.

Profitable Positioning, why?

This is the first result page of search engines, which generates the conversion most important to the customer.

In a few moments your site appears on the front pages of search engines of high internet traffic, ensuring a return on investment immediately.

You get a wide distribution, but you only pay for clicks "useful." And "The average cost of a Profitable Positioning campaign is $ 8.50 compared to $ 50.00 for a banner ad. "
(Pipper Jaffray & Co, October 2006)

Even before the start of the campaign paid positioning, you set your budget. You can also adjust it daily according to your changing needs.

Profitable Positioning solutions of X2X Media

In order to optimize the cost / performance of your campaigns paid positioning, our teams of experts are at your service for:

  • The choice of keywords and key phrases specific to your target market
  • The optimal positioning paid to decommission your competitors
  • The choice of engine(s)
  • The budget buying keywords necessary to achieve your goals.

In addition, in order to ensure full transparency, X2X Media offers the ability to view reports interim results of your Profitable Positioning (SEM) campaigns.

You can contact us at the following email address: or by phone, do not hesitate to call us at: 647-478-6992 (Toronto area) or 1-877-905-6614